Burn accidents

Burn accidents

Burn accidents

Shin Abad Village Girls’ School (Piranshe)

The fire in the girls’ school of Shin Abad village (Piranshahr) is one of the series of school fires in Iran on Wednesday, December 24, 2018 due to defective heating devices. In this incident, 29 female students suffered burns, and two of them died due to the severity of their injuries. Three students also had their fingers amputated due to severe burns and graft rejection.

Injuries caused by this burn accident

Reports indicate that this incident caused serious injuries to the students and caused serious psychological and social damage to the victims, their families and the residents of the village.

The solution to prevent burn accidents in schools

A solution that is very easy to achieve is to implement a central heating system for high-level schools and use packages to heat classrooms with heaters for low-level schools. Currently, a high percentage of schools in the country are heated with the package system. Depending on their age, students are prone to injuries, accidents, and of course, naturally, and for this reason, they have an accident in a small class where sometimes dozens of children are burning near the stove. It is imagined at every moment; But if the central heating system and the package are used, the fire tank is placed somewhere outside the room and pleasant heat reaches the room.

National measures to prevent burn accidents in schools

In this regard, with the cooperation of the Ministry of Education and Energy, if necessary, the electric heating system can be replaced with oil heaters, and the Ministry of Education can spend its council budget on the cost of electricity consumed by schools. . According to the announcement of the Minister of Education, only one thousand billion Tomans is needed to upgrade the heating system of schools, which is not an unattainable amount considering the country’s expenses (three times the waste of this amount). A figure.) And no matter how high the cost, it should be considered one of the main priorities.

Actions and small activities of school officials to prevent accidents

In order to prevent accidents, school classrooms can be equipped with fire extinguishers, and at regular intervals, especially at the beginning of the cold season, provide the necessary training in formats such as fire drills so that students and teachers learn how to use and Learn to work with these tools. Learn about fires and what to do in an emergency. It is also possible to install an oil heater in the classroom with technical expertise and the fire department to minimize damage in the event of an accident or fire.

Ensuring timely charging of fire extinguishers is one of the things that must be taken seriously, otherwise these extinguishers will not work when needed.

The condition of classrooms and school buildings is an accident-causing factor

In the recent school fires, we saw students getting caught and burned due to the metal fences in front of the classroom windows. If it weren’t for the enclosures, students would have easily escaped from their classrooms on the ground floor and escaped easily.

Therefore, removing the railing in front of the window is a simple solution. At least if Durood Zan and Shin Abad had thought about this issue, the students of these schools would not have suffered so much.

Part of the speech of one of the students of Shin Abad school

When I wanted to leave the classroom, the classroom heaters caught fire and everywhere was full of smoke and crowded, the classroom windows had iron bars and we could neither breathe nor get out. I don’t remember the rest of the story.

Annual inspection of school buildings is a useful solution

All risk factors in each school should be carefully reviewed and monitored by the same local experts. For example, frayed and poor-quality wiring can cause a fire. The day after the incident in Shin Abad, a fire broke out in one of the schools in Selmas village (located in West Azerbaijan) due to an electrical fault, which fortunately occurred at a different time. . There is class, there is no sacrifice.

Plasko building burning incident

Among the recent cases of fire in shopping malls, we can mention the Plasko building fire. The fire and collapse of the Plasco building was an incident that occurred in the morning of Thursday, January 9, 2014, at the intersection of Istanbul in the center of Tehran. As a result of this fire, Plaska building collapsed completely. The Plasco building collapsed after burning for 3.5 hours, with a large number of firefighters fighting the fire both outside and inside the building, and several of them were trapped under the debris and killed.

Tehran emergency statistics for Plasko burning incident

According to the emergency report of Tehran, the latest number of injured in this accident is 235 people. 181 injured were treated on an outpatient basis, 55 others were taken to the hospital, one of them died. 52 people were discharged after being hospitalized and receiving necessary medical services. There are different numbers of missing people, most of which are between 20 and 30 people. One of the firefighters present at the time of destruction died in the hospital due to severe injuries and burns. Also, according to Iranian media, the bodies of 16 firefighters and 6 other people were recovered in the days after this incident, and the total number of deaths reported by the forensic medicine reached 22 people.

Fire risk assessment

During a fire risk assessment, there are certain things that must be considered in order to do it correctly and thoroughly. This includes planning for: emergency routes and exits, fire alarm systems, fire extinguishing and fire alarm systems and appropriate firefighting equipment. It is also important to provide proper information to employees and other people in the workplace, as well as provide proper training to employees. Fire safety should always be taken seriously and there are many ways you can easily prevent a fire from happening as much as possible.

Fire prevention measures at work

Turn off all electrical appliances at the end of the day. Not to mention that electrical equipment can easily overheat or break down and turn into a major workplace fire. So, at the end of each day, make sure all devices are turned off and turned on at night to avoid a catastrophic situation. Distribution of electrical circuits based on equipment consumption Overloading electrical circuits beyond the recommended capacity will blow fuses, overheat and create a significant fire hazard. Fix the faults and problems in the electrical network.

Electrical faults are one of the main causes of fire accidents

Electrical faults are one of the main causes of fire accidents, so it is important that everyone in the workplace is aware of electrical faults and act quickly to fix them. If you notice that the power cords are damaged, you should replace them immediately. Clear crowded areas of flammable materials.

Individual measures to prevent burn accidents

1- Make sure anything that can easily catch fire, such as paper or dirt, is kept to a minimum and the area is free of clutter and flammable materials. Smoke only in designated areas, such as smoking areas, and make sure your cigarettes are always clean. Be aware of equipment and devices. Ensure that machines are always properly inspected and maintained to avoid frictional heat and sparks. Provides easy access to electrical control panels. Ensure that no obstructions are placed directly in front of the electrical control panels for easy access to the system in case of emergency. Be aware of chemicals.

2- While working with chemicals

When using chemicals in the workplace, always classify them according to the label and use them safely to avoid burns.

3- Examining fire extinguishers

Ensure that the correct number and location of fire extinguishers are available in the workplace and that everyone knows how to use them in an emergency.

4- Sprinkler systems or detectors

Never turn off sprinkler systems or smoke detectors. Sprinklers and fire detectors play an important role in a fire. It is very important to ensure that appropriate fire protection strategies are in place to reduce the risk of fire. However, it is important to ensure that fire safety and containment plans are implemented in the event of a fire. Fire safety and prevention programs Fire safety and prevention programs should be developed in detail and made available to all employees and people who need to know the information in the workplace.

Civil and engineering measures to prevent burn accidents

To create an accurate and complete map, you should consider the following:

1- Provide a safe meeting place for employees at a sufficient distance from the building. The emergency compartment should open easily. Emergency power is needed in case of power failure. Emergency exits are clearly marked to ensure the quickest and most direct exit from the building. Sufficient number of emergency exits for all people in the building to get out quickly.

2- Clear the obstacles in the corridors leading to all the exits and do not leave any obstacles in these ways.

3- It is very important to ensure that all fire extinguishers and alarms are in good condition and that firefighting equipment is installed, tested and maintained for proper use in the event of a fire. All employees should be trained and aware of fire hazards and at least one fire drill should be conducted.

4- In addition to training and informing employees about fire hazards, ensuring the use of appropriate equipment and prevention strategies, the building must meet all health and safety standards. Every building has specific rules that must be followed in order to be considered a fire safe workplace.

5- Installation of fire doors

A fire resistant building will always have the correct number of fire exits and fully functional fire doors to ensure quick and easy evacuation while preventing the spread of fire. In the unfortunate event of a fire, it is always ideal to minimize damage to the building afterwards. This can be achieved by proper separation of escape routes, common areas and escape routes. It’s easy to think that only solid wood doors and walls can do it right. As a result, fires can pose a huge risk to businesses. It may cause serious injury to employees or customers and may cause damage or destruction to buildings, equipment and supplies. This is why professional fire safety training is essential for your employees or selected employees.

Burn incidents abroad

1- Fires in Australian forests

Abroad, we can talk about the fires in Australia. This year’s fires in Australia are bushfires in Australia that have affected parts of southeastern Australia, including New South Wales, South Australia, Victoria, Queensland and Western Australia. This fire in the state of New South Wales, Australia, killed 20 people. The extent of this fire is estimated to be 8.4 million hectares as of January 6, 2020.

The victims of this fire: 28 people (25 civilians and 3 firefighters) and 41 firefighters with non-fatal injuries, the death of one billion animals and the extinction of more than 30 plant and animal species, more than 5900 buildings were destroyed and at least 100 thousand were displaced; More than 107,000 square kilometers (more than 1.5% of Australia’s total area) also burned. These fires also destroyed much of Australia’s vegetation.

2- Fire in San Francisco

Another case is one of the biggest fires in the world that happened in 1906 in San Francisco, America.

The fire destroyed more than 25,000 buildings in 490 blocks and left many victims. The number of people killed in this fire was about 3 thousand people, and the cause, as is clear, was people and nature. After the city was hit by one of the worst earthquakes in US history, a fire broke out, and then spread and destroyed half of the city due to the lack of water supplies and inexperienced firefighters. The city is home to some of the worst fires in the world.

3- Fire in the United States

There was also a great fire in the United States in 1910. This fire, known as the Big Burn, covers the three states of Idaho, Montana and Washington. The fire, which destroyed an area of ​​more than 3 million hectares of forest, lost more than 87 people, 78 of whom were firefighters who went to extinguish the fire.

Also in 1871, during the week of October 8-14, there were four fires in the country, which is considered the largest fire in American history. In Chicago, massive fires burned about a third of the state’s cities, destroyed many homes, and displaced more than 100,000 people.

4- Tokyo fire

Just like San Francisco, there was a reason and everything conspired to create this disaster. A very strong earthquake occurred during lunch when most of them were cooking, as a result of which the fire spread rapidly. In addition, the tsunami caused by the earthquake also caused more causes and damages. According to statistics, more than 142 thousand people died in this fire, 570 thousand houses were destroyed and about 1.9 million people became homeless. This event is considered one of the biggest disasters in the history of Japan and the world.

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