Burned person

Burned person

First steps to help a person with burns:

It should be known that the initial measures to help a person who has suffered a burn depend very much on the type of the cause of the burn. For example, for a person who has been burned by fire, while maintaining calmness and coolness and without wasting time, the following measures should be applied immediately. First, remove the victim from the source of the accident. By doing this, you prevent the person’s body from getting burned further by moving the injured person away from the heat source. Try not to get caught in the smoke and quickly remove the injured person from the place and bring them to the open space and clean air. Then stop the fire and the burning process in one of the following ways. Try to put out the fire with a cloth or a device, or with plain, clean water.

If you do not have the facilities, it is necessary:

If you don’t have any of these things, for the first steps to help a person with burns, you can put out the fire by lying down and rolling the injured person on the ground, even if not on the ground. Prevent the burned person from running. Because this movement makes the fire burn more. If you encounter a person who has been burned by fire, be sure to check the respiratory tract, and if the person is not breathing and the person’s respiratory tract is injured, be sure to try to solve the person’s breathing problem by using mouth-to-mouth breathing.

Removing clothes and ornaments in order to take the first steps to help a person with burns:

In order to take the first steps to help a person suffering from burns, if the victim’s clothes are not attached to the skin, remove them. Also, remove jewelry such as watch rings, jewelry, and the victim’s belt. And immediately take the burn area under cold and clean water for a few minutes to reduce the skin temperature and pain. Be careful not to burst the blisters while helping the victim. Also, avoid using any traditional and common treatments such as using potatoes, toothpaste, and unknown substances by people around you, as well as using different ointments on the wound.

Don’ts of first steps to help a burned person:

Never use ice or frozen water to cool the patient’s wound. Be careful not to remove part of the clothes or things that are stuck to the skin of the burned area. If it is possible for you, cut the clothes with scissors and take the rest of the items and do not remove them from the skin. Because there is a possibility of more severe damage to the patient’s skin and body, after washing the burn area with soap and water, cover the burn area with a clean cloth or sheet and refer the injured person to the nearest medical center.

Bringing the injured to medical centers:

Note that before taking the injured person to the medical center, even if possible, avoid giving food and liquids to the burned person. Try to keep the patient’s body warm; But be careful that the blanket or the device you use to warm the patient’s body does not touch the burn area. If a person’s face or eyes are burned, it is better to sit instead of lying down because this will reduce the swelling.

First steps to help a person with chemical burns:

If the cause of the burn is caused by chemicals, it is best to remove all of the victim’s clothing in order to first aid the person. If the chemicals are in powder form, you should wipe them off the patient’s body and wash the affected area with a lot of water for at least 15 to 30 minutes. Avoid neutralizing chemicals such as acidic substances with alkaline substances and vice versa because this causes chemical activity and also creates high heat that aggravates burns. If you notice that the victim’s eye has been damaged by chemicals, immediately wash the eyes with plenty of clean water and preferably physiological serum for half an hour.

Basic measures to help a person with electrical burns:

But if the cause of the burn is electricity and electricity, the first and most important initial measures to help the person is to cut off the electricity. Then, with an insulating device, you should remove the victim from the source of electric current. Never touch the injured person before doing these two things because there is a risk of electrocution for the rescuer.

Basic medical measures to help a person suffering from electrocution:

For initial measures in burns caused by electricity, you must pay special attention to the patient’s heart and breathing condition. In case of cardiac or respiratory failure, immediately start mouth-to-mouth breathing and cardiac massage, and transfer him to a center during the operation. treat Also note that in a person who has been electrocuted, there is a possibility of damage to the cervical vertebrae and subsequent paralysis of the limbs, so try not to make any movement of the injured person’s head. Pay attention to wash the place of entry and exit of the electric current with a lot of cold water and prevent further burns of the body by lowering the temperature.

Necessary measures in case of burns caused by hot liquids:

The necessary measures in case of burns caused by hot liquids such as bitumen are to immediately pour cold water on the burn site and avoid removing the bitumen from the skin. To remove tar from the skin, you should use paraffin, butter, vaseline or baby oil. Using these substances without harming other parts of the patient’s body will gradually dissolve and clear it. Calming the patient is also one of the necessary things that must be done during the first aid and measures for the patient. After performing the initial measures, you should immediately call 115 and take the person to the medical center.

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